Randy Davis

Top Business Advisor, Author The Bootstrap Billionaire

Randy grew up in a poor working-class family that always struggled living paycheck to paycheck. He discovered at the age of twelve, being a business owner could be his ticket to escape his family’s financial struggle.

Looking back on his life today, Randy would say he accidentally became a serial entrepreneur. The reason he say’s accidental, is because he would build and grow his businesses with the idea, he would own them for decades, he had no intention of selling.

He learned by trial and error how to build a business to be effective, run smoothly on autopilot and thrive whether he was there working or not. Other investors approached him to sell his business, and he declined their offer. But eventually, the price they offered was so lucrative, he would be foolish to not sell.

He did this not once, not twice, but eighteen different times over thirty years.

From start-up to fast growth with amazing profits Randy would design the business so it ran on autopilot while knocking out profitable eight figure, and nine figure, annual sales like clockwork.

In addition to building his empires, silently, Randy worked with other ambitious entrepreneurs consulting, advising, and creating strategies for them, while seeking to always find a better way.
He has helped:
• 196 struggling business owners become multi-millionaires
• 27 business owners grow from seven figures to mid-level nine figures
• 28 billionaires
• 19 celebrities and high-profile icons
• Trained more than 10,000 small businesses

After selling his last business, he took a five-year sabbatical to gain a vision what he wanted to do over the next twenty-five years. As a result, he developed an initiative he calls the Bootstrap Billionaire.

The Bootstrap Billionaire requires that Randy place 100% of his assets and income in a trust and not have access for ten years. He cannot have access to resources or relationships built up to this point. He must start at zero, no income, no assets, no resources, no previous relationships.

He can only tap into the knowledge and experience he has acquired over time.

Starting from zero he will grow his start-up business to more than $1 Billion in sales with 20% net profit in seven years as an autopilot business, restricting his work hours to thirty hours a week, and taking twelve-weeks’ vacation totally unplugged while building this new business.